Why work with us?

We do our best to push the boundaries when it comes to Local SEO agencies and Companies. We are a family-owned and operated business who takes pride in their work and upholds only the highest standards. We want your company to grow and succeed and to be part of that journey. Here are some of the reasons you should consider working with us for your Local SEO, Google Ads and Marketing strategy:


The Local SEO market and industry has changed a lot in the last years and practises that were acceptable in the past, aren't today. We follow Google best practices and are always up to date with the most recent SEO news to make sure your company achieves the best possible results. We will follow your company and business morals and plans to create a suitable stategy that you identify with.

We save your time

Do you struggle to find enough time in the day? If you haven't got time to manage your online reputation or local marketing plan we are here to help. While Local SEO, content, Google Ads and website management, can be self-done, like all good things it takes time. Let us lighten the load so you can focus your time on running your business.

We understand how websites work

We have been working around marketing and SEO for over 7 years and we are fascinated by how websites are built and how search engines like Google rank them. We are 100% digital marketing lovers which is why we built and optimise our and our clients websites ourselves to better understand how websites work behind the scenes.
Every day we are looking for ways to improve the websites of our clients and this is knowledge we can share with you.

Experience across numerous industries

We have been consulting and managing several projects from all around the world. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, from all types of industries and we are not afraid to learn more about your industry.
When you partner up with LocalSEO the first stage of any project will be a session where we thoroughly get to know your business and industry to make sure we both work in the same direction and with the same passion.

We are an extension of your team

As we offer a specialised service, it's completely understandable that a lot of small businesses are unable to employ a marketing team which has the focus and knowledge we do when it comes to Local SEO and Google Ads.
We live and breathe what we do, day in and day out, putting us ahead of the pack in our field compared to professionals who dabble in various specialities.
Therefore, let us be your expert. Treat us like an extension of your team.

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